BirgerMind® provides the non-invasive Brain-Computer Interface (BCI) enabling fully paralyzed patients to communicate independently. BirgerMind® was established with the objective to help Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) and Motor Neurone Disease (MND) patients regain their ability to use e-mail, social networks, to generate speech out of text and call for help, to manage contacts and keep track on writings and notes, all by means of flexible ALS-friendly brain-reading headwear. The main focus is on ease of use and fast set-up.

The solution includes a hardware platform and a software, which adopts to users' brain signals by means of custom-tailored machine learning algorithms. BirgerMind® provides a dedicated and unified user interface, which is intuitive for patients with locked-in state. It proved to be simple, affordable, scalable and safe, since no medical operation and no hospitalisation is required.

BirgerMind® project is inspired by a member of our team, Birger, who is suffering from ALS for more than 26 years, and we strive to help many others in need.

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